What kind of content should I post on Social Media?

Social networks are a good tool for a company to connect with its customers, a platform where we can display our products and services with a careful image that reflects the values ​​of our company and that allows us to build our brand on a daily basis and to stay in the minds of our customers.

With these platforms, a company can take advantage of trying to gain online visibility in a simple way. Moreover, they are ways in which you can interact with customers and attract them to your content immediately and simply.  

Through social media, companies have the possibility to develop campaigns, advertise new products or services, offer promotions or answer any questions customers might have and recommend them to check their website. Other social media allow to build this "network of contacts" to a more professional level and to be able to select personnel for the company, communicate with employees, find out how the sector is doing or, in short, networking.

The power of content marketing

To determine what content should be posted on a company's social networks, you first need to know what kind of audience you will be targeting, because first we will want to capture their attention.  

It may seem simple, but to be where the customers are (to put yourself completely in their place) it is not as easy as you might think. So it is crucial to know who our target audience will be and to know what they want, what they like and what, at a glance, will interest them. Among other things (and as a first step) it is important to establish the most used keywords of our target audience, as these are the ones to do their search. This will help us focus our content and reach them more easily.

We need to be aware that our content may be affected in one way or another, depending on the social network on which we upload it. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how we will convey the message, that is, what words we will convey to our clients. In addition, the majority audience in each social network needs to be analysed in advance: TikTok's one is sure very different from what we find on Linkedin, for example.

So the content we create must be consistent with the chosen social network. Subsequently, this message will need to be strengthened, for example through the use of graphic resources, which will make it more visible. It is important that the content uploaded to social networks attracts the attention of the users, so it is crucial to keep in mind the latest trends.

What needs to be taken into account?

In order to reach our audience effectively, it is ideal to generate personalised content and select the social network well. As already mentioned, posting on TikTok is not the same as on Linkedin, but it is not the same on Facebook and Instagram either. This is related to the purpose of each social network and its use, among other factors.

In addition to those mentioned above, other aspects to consider when generating our content are the following:

  1. Generate a content plan that is tailored to the diverse audience of the company's social media.

  2. This content should not be random, it must match the company sector and the taste of the users.

  3. It is necessary to establish a structure so that the profile of the company maintains order and is not based on having unrelated images and videos.

  4. If we plan the content to be uploaded and how it should be done, but do not create a calendar in which we see the frequency of posts we are going to do, our strategy will be incomplete. So we need to know what kind of content to upload and when.

  5. "Sign" your content and make it your own. Users may identify you by your own logo, watermark or original elements.  

  6. Use all the tools provided by social networks, such as stories on Instagram and Facebook or articles on Linkedin. With this, you add dynamism, adding value and avoiding user boredom.  

How to structure content: rule 4:3:2

What we call the "4:3:2 rule" is just one of the many ways in which you can structure your content more easily and plan it in a more orderly fashion. 

This rule suggests we publish content by counting the posts from 9 to 9. Of these 9 contents, 4 will be used for adding value to the client, so it will be a little more detailed. We will plan the next 3 to try to connect with our users, with the aim of generating interactions as comments or simply sharing our content. Finally, the remaining 2 will be used to promote our products or services. 

There are many benefits to using this technique, among which we can highlight the following:

  • You work in a more organised and structured way.

  • Time can be better optimised.

  • You have to plan ahead.

  • Once you have all the content planned, it can be scheduled. In this way, it will be published automatically.

  • Different content and higher value are offered.  

Contribute to your business by implementing content marketing strategies, provide added value and gain a competitive advantage by implementing it tailored to the needs of the company.

Counting on content marketing professionals is crucial to effectively developing strategies for the business. We have content marketing specialists ready to help you achieve business success, if you are interested, please  contact us.

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