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​At Bakata Solutions, we specialize in developing comprehensive business solutions that streamline day-to-day business management. We work to provide you with the best IT consulting, web portal development, e-commerce, and more.

The digital era won't be an obstacle for your company with our plan of consultancy and technological solution development. Unlock the potential of your business with Bakata!

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Passion, Clarity, Transparency. 

We're driven by passion and dedicated to meeting our client's needs as trusted digitalization partners. Our services include tailor-made developments and high-quality solutions with a focus on digitalization and innovation. From detailed insights on product benefits to navigating 3D environments, we're here to assist you with whatever you need.

We're Pioneers in Innovation 

 Our team specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions, from digitalizing processes to creating immersive 3D environments. We tailor solutions to your needs and budget, offering both customizable standard packages and bespoke developments using our proprietary products and widely adopted market solutions.

 Our business philosophy

Our main objectives. Bakata, Digitizing Agent


Innovation and Solutions at your fingertips

We meet the needs of our clients through innovation in technological solutions. Our focus on design and development allows us to offer unique solutions that drive business efficiency and digital transformation.

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Leading the Digital Transformation

Our business vision is to become the benchmark for innovation in the Canary Islands, leading the adoption of technology solutions based on Open Source. We are committed to sustainable development and the highest excellence in our services.

Our values ​​as a company. Bakata, Digitizing Agent


Quality, Commitment, and Innovation

Throughout our history, we have developed a series of values that characterize and differentiate us as a company within the service sector, such as business consulting: innovation, cooperation, passion, and professionalism are just a few of them.

Multidisciplinary and specialized team

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