Consulting and Advisory

Consulting and Advisory - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Comprehensive Technological Transformation: Driving Business Success in the Canary Islands.

We stand out as a tech consultancy in the Canary Islands, boosting efficiency and business competitiveness through cutting-edge solutions. We analyze your needs, design a collaborative action plan to optimize your resources, and enhance cybersecurity.

Moreover, we provide comprehensive advice to access grants and assistance at the local, regional, and national levels. From identifying the best financing options to document management, we keep you informed throughout the process.

 TIC:Power up your company with ICT: contact us for a analysis of your potential.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Creative Boost: Designing Your Business Essence. Complete Visual Identity, Global Impact.

Our team of designers will give your company a unique and distinctive identity. You'll always have all the versions you need of the logo and a style guide to consult for its use, colors, and fonts.

This graphic universe applies to all media: business cards, stationery, merchandise, iconography, social media, website...

 Ready to stand out with exceptional design? Contact us and strengthen your brand image creatively and persuasively!

The Innovation You Need Is Here: Design Your Future with Bakata

At Bakata, we don't just design; we create visual experiences that propel your brand to new heights. Click now to learn more and elevate your brand to a whole new level.

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Design your future with Bakata, where creativity finds its ultimate expression!

Web Design

Web Design - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Professional Web Creation: Developing Your Online Presence with Digital Strategies

At Bakata, we excel in creating and developing professional websites. We rely on Odoo, a content and business management software supported by the European Union.

Our process includes analyzing and selecting the right tools, layout, programming, and creating optimized content for better search engine positioning. We also implement digital marketing strategies to maximize traffic and conversions.

 Looking for a modern and appealing website to boost your business? Contact us and discover how we can enhance your online presence!

3D Environments

3D Environments - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Explore Virtual Dimensions: Advanced 3D Design. Your Vision, Our Reality.

We create 3D virtual environments using the latest technology and constantly learning about new software. We use Twinmotion for more static projects, Blender for custom 3D models, and Unreal Engine to program interaction with the environment.

We tailor each project to your needs, from architectural visualizations to immersive experiences.

Ready to explore new dimensions? Contact us and see how we can bring your ideas to life in stunning 3D virtual environments!

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Boosting Your Digital Presence: Expert Strategies in Content, SEO, Advertising, and Web Analytics.

We drive your online business with digital marketing strategies. Our team of experts in content, SEO, advertising and web analytics tackles content marketing, including blogs and social media.

We enhance online advertising on search engines, networks, and videos. We measure impact and ROI with web analytics.

Want to improve your online presence? Contact us and maximize your potential with effective digital strategies!

Business Management Solutions

Business Management - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Business Optimization: Innovative Solutions with Odoo. Tailored to Your Success.

In a competitive business environment, we understand the challenges in the Canary Islands. At Bakata, we provide comprehensive business management solutions tailored to your needs. We implement ERP and CRM software with an innovative focus on Odoo, a flexible and reliable open-source option.

For specific requirements, we offer customized solutions, working closely with the client to analyze and understand their needs.

Looking for effective business solutions? Contact us to explore your possibilities!

Development and Programming

Development and Programming - Bakata, Digitalization Agent

Turning Ideas into Apps: Multiplatform Innovation for All Your Needs. Limitless Digital Empowerment.

At Bakata Solutions, we create engaging and reliable applications for various devices and needs. From Android to iOS and even accessible and upgradable web apps.

Apps for tourism, business, events, sports, culture... Any need you may have! We also design custom programs to optimize your internal operations.

If you want to maximize your operations, contact us and transform your technological approach now!