Digitalize your business with Kit Digital grants for SMEs!

What is Kit Digital?

It's an aid aimed at supporting the digitalization of companies by subsidizing the costs of implementing certain digital solutions to increase digital maturity.

Kit Digital focuses on microenterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, but also includes self-employed workers, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

 At Bakata, we'll guide you throughout the process so you can find the solution that best suits your needs, thanks to our experience in applying and justifying grants and similar projects.

With the new European funds "Next Generation EU" your SME can apply for a maximum subsidy of 12.000€ to invest in the solution that best meets your needs. 

Seize the opportunity now! Your KIT DIGITAL includes

In-person or online courses 


Gobierno de España - Sellos del Programa de KIT DIGITAL. Cofinanciado por los fondos europeos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia - Sellos del Programa de KIT DIGITAL. Cofinanciado por los fondos europeos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia - Sellos del Programa de KIT DIGITAL. Cofinanciado por los fondos europeos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia Kit Digital - Sellos del Programa de KIT DIGITAL. Cofinanciado por los fondos europeos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia Next Generation EU - Sellos del Programa de KIT DIGITAL. Cofinanciado por los fondos europeos NEXT GENERATION (EU) del mecanismo de recuperación y resiliencia

Who can apply?

For SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and self-employed individuals: from 0 to 49 employees. Up to 12.000€ in subsidy.

0 to 2 employees

UP TO 2.000€

3 to 9 employees

UP TO 6.000€

10 to 49 employees

UP TO 12.000€

What are our solutions?

Companies can spend the voucher by choosing one or several solutions:

Web - Bakata


Get a website that reflects your identity and provides the visibility you need to attract potential customers and retain those you already have.

UP TO 2.000€

With Odoo Website (CMS)

Courses is included

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E-commerce  - Bakata


More and more people are buying online: take your store further by showcasing and selling your products online.

UP TO 2.000€

With Odoo Ecommerce

Courses is included

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Process Management Solution - Bakata

Process Management

Have all your information in one place and manage all areas of your company that you need: from invoicing to projects... and more.

UP TO 6.000€

With Odoo ERP

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Customer management - Bakata

Customer management

Optimize your relationships with potential customers and those you already have by creating business opportunities.

UP TO 4.000€

With Odoo CRM

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Social Media - Bakata

Social Media

Achieve your digital goals with our experience in social media management. Boost your brand, attract new customers, and consolidate your online presence effectively.

UP TO 2.500€

With BK Media Plan

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Cybersecurity - Bakata


Ensure the protection of your devices and those of your employees. Our security solution brings peace of mind to your company and safeguards your confidential information.


With MacAfee Plan

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Advanced SEO - Bakata

Advanced SEO

Optimize your visibility on the internet with our advanced SEO solution. Expand your positioning opportunities and increase your reach online effectively and strategically.

UP TO 2.000€

With Odoo SEO Website

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Marketplace - Bakata


Boost your business sales by including your products or services in a specialized Marketplace. Benefit from visibility, expand your reach, and increase your revenue.

UP TO 2.000€

With BK Marketplace Plan

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Business Intelligence - Bakata

Business Intelligence

Enhance your decision-making process with valuable data at your fingertips. Discover new perspectives and opportunities for your business with BK Business Intelligence.

UP TO 4.000€

With BK Business Intelligence

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Factura electrónica

Digitaliza el flujo de facturas y asegura la seguridad integral de tus procesos empresariales mediante sistemas electrónicos o informáticos, brindando eficiencia y agilidad.

UP TO 2.000€

Con Odoo e-Invoicing

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We help and advise you throughout the process.

We assist you in verifying that you meet all the requirements and handle all the procedures for you until you obtain your voucher. You just need to authorize us to be your voluntary representative.

And if you're not sure which solution might be best for your company we provide guidance to help you find the most suitable one based on your needs.

Keep in mind that, before anything else, you'll need to visit the Acelera Pyme website and take the Digital Diagnosis Test, a prerequisite to qualify for this grant.

We apply for the grant: KIT DIGITAL

We apply for the grant

We provide you with all the necessary information and support you throughout the entire process.

Choose the solution you need

Choose your solution

Select what best suits your needs, or if you're unsure, we'll advise you.

Implement the chosen solution - Bakata

We set it in motion

As digitalization agents, we'll take care of carrying out your solution!

Do you want to start preparing your application now?


Can I choose multiple solutions?

Certainly, but you'll need to consider the maximum amount of the voucher. You can select as many solutions as you want until you reach that maximum. Beyond that, you will need to cover the difference yourself.

First, you will need to register on the Acelera Pyme website and complete the Digital Diagnosis Test, which is a mandatory requirement. Once the call is announced, you will need to fill out the available form and submit the necessary documents.
At Bakata, we understand that there isn't always time for everything. That's why we can assist you in completing all these procedures, allowing you to continue with your day-to-day activities. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes, the grant covers 100% of the cost of implementing one or more solutions in your company (as long as it does not exceed the maximum of the voucher and the categories). You will only need to pay the IGIC, in the case of the Canary Islands, or the IVA.

Always remember to consider the maximum amount you can apply for based on your company's segment because if you choose one or more solutions that exceed it, you will have to pay the difference.

None. You only need to meet the requirements specified in the grant guidelines as outlined in the Official State Gazette (BOE) (if you have any doubts about meeting them,  we can provide guidance). 

 The selection process is based on non-competitive concurrence, which means applications are processed in the order they are received. To ease your concerns, Bakata can handle this procedure for you.

The application period is already open for everyone. 

No. In the agreement you sign, you assign the collection rights to the Digitalization Agent, and it is the agent who manages the collection with the Administration, receiving the amount directly.

To 'spend' the voucher, you will need to formalize an agreement with the Digitalization Agent, and the deadline for doing so will be 6 months from the date you are granted the grant.

Please note that calls may establish a lower limit.

The final step is to provide the justification, which will need to be submitted by the Digitalization Agent.