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Apps - SaveMe Time

Multi-Device Solutions and Apps 

SaveMe-Time is the perfect solution for quickly finding trusted home cleaning professionals. Designed for busy individuals, it simplifies the search for high-quality cleaning services by detecting your location and displaying available candidates in your area. You can filter results based on your postal code, budget, and other important criteria. Additionally, you can read reviews from other users and securely make reservation payments, all from the app. Find trusted professionals in the blink of an eye with SaveMe-Time.

Apps - Proyecto Eureka 

Multi-Device Solutions and Apps 

Proyecto Eureka is a powerful idea management tool that will revolutionize your company. Turn your employees into innovation engines by challenging them with creative challenges and rewarding their contributions with virtual points redeemable for exciting prizes. Foster active participation and transform your organization into a hub of creativity, aware of its innovative potential. Eureka! is the key to unlocking brilliant ideas, driving growth, and keeping your company at the forefront of innovation. Discover the power of this app and get ready for a future full of success and advancements.

Apps - Canarias Nature Guides

Multi-Device Solutions and Apps 

A company dedicated to organizing group activities in various locations in the Canary Islands, allowing the discovery of the diverse treasures that make up the archipelago. In creating this app, our focus has been on visually representing the essence of the brand through careful color selection, image composition, and overall design. Our priority has always been to clearly convey the activities offered.

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